Why Le Chateau closing cuts so deep

Like so many heritage brands before it, Le Chateau failed to save itself in what feels like the most obvious way.

Laura McLaws Helms

A fashion and culture historian with a penchant for seventies glam rock lets us inside her Brooklyn abode.

On Marie Antoinette and the origins of Cottagecore nostalgia

Can you be nostalgic for what you've never experienced? We trace the origins of Cottagecore and the rootless nostalgia movements through history.

Bring It On doesn’t hold up—until the Clovers show up

An analysis of the iconic cheerleading film's highs and lows, 20 years after its release.

An ode to Showgirls, the best movie of the ’90s

Critics weren’t ready in 1995, but that was neither here nor there to a couple of burgeoning pre-teens who wanted into the world of NC-17. 25 years later, we unite in gloriously campy adoration of Nomi Malone.

Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends, ranked

In honour of the 20th anniversary of Gilmore Girls, we rank 'em from best to worst to barely there.

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