Capsule 98 is a new website dedicated to the formative objects, places and experiences that shape who we are. It’s all nostalgia, all the time.


Our Bedroom Diaries go deep into the childhood spaces and minds of inspiring creatives. Meanwhile, our features span celebrity, pop culture, fiction, photography and beyond, to speak to the essence of nostalgia and memory, from the lighthearted to the deeply felt.

Capsule 98 is the brainchild of Randi Bergman, an incredibly nostalgic writer/editor who found a time capsule she’d made in 1998 at age 13. In 2017, she began sharing what was inside on Instagram and it became a viral hit. Later that year, she launched a podcast to discuss ‘90s nostalgia with a slew of celebrity guests.

Welcome to what’s next.

Do you remember your first concert? The pungent waft of smoking your first joint? The metallic glisten of a freshly unwrapped Spice Girls lollipop? Whether they are deep in your subconscious or live at the tip of your tongue, these memories helped shape you. Capsule 98 will examine our relationships to these memories and go off the deep end into the nostalgia we all feel so intensely.

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About the founder

Randi Bergman is an award-winning writer and editor whose untamed passion for the ‘90s culminated in the founding of Capsule 98. She’s led an extensive career in the media industry, lending her voice to fashion, arts, culture and lifestyle coverage in publications such as The Globe and Mail, The Cut, Buzzfeed, Elle Canada, Paper and S/ Magazine, and previously, as the Executive Digital Editor at FASHION Magazine. She recently published her first book, Toronto Makes, which tells the stories of over 50 of the city’s finest makers, from ceramicists to artisanal chocolatiers, through written word and photography.

She believes that nostalgia is not just a symptom of millennial ennui, but a potent resource for self-discovery and joy.

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